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Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil and one of the largest in the world with a population of about 20 million in its metropolitan region. The city Sao Paulo is named after Saint Paul. It is the capital of the South-eastern state of Sao Paulo and also an entertainment centre that offers a jovial nightlife and an intense cultural experience. Sao Paulo Brazil (or Sampa, as it is known locally) is one of the most modern and cosmopolitan cities in South America, with a great nightlife and an impressive culinary scene that includes Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Italian influences. Sao Paulo is the richest city in Brazil as well as an important commercial and financial hub in South America. Though, the inequality between the classes observed in developing countries like Brazil is also blatant in the cosmopolitan city of Sao Paulo. Being home to millions of immigrants, Sao Paulo is one of the most diverse cities in the world, and is the most cosmopolitan city found in any developing country in the world. Every year, a large number of tourists visit the city during festival periods.

Sao Paulo and its rival Brazilian city, Rio de Janeiro, have often been compared to New York and Los Angeles respectively. If Rio has gained fame for its striking natural setting, Sao Paulo's attraction lies in its people and its vibrant cultures. The Avenida Paulista's canyon of upthrusting skyscrapers only hints at the city's sources of energy. A more cosmopolitan city than its counterpart, Sao Paulo possesses significant ethnic minority communities, including substantial Japanese, Italian, and Arab and Lebanese Christian neighbourhoods.

Sao Paulo has the largest underground transportation system in Brazil; the "Metro". It is not as comprehensive as the trains in Europe or North America, but it serves most of the important areas. It is the safest and cleanest way to get around Sao Paulo.

The weather of the city can change very quickly in both seasons in the summer and winter. Sao Paulo generally enjoys good weather, although the seasons are not well defined. This means that the weather is not always easy to predict. The city of Sao Paulo often experiences a humid subtropical climate. Here are some typical conditions and average temperatures: Winter - June through August: Cold mornings and evenings, temperatures ranging from 8-18C. Spring - September through November: Sunny days, temperatures ranging from 18-28C. Summer - December to February: Very hot with occasional downpours during the day, temperatures ranging from 28-35C. Fall - March to June: Days are usually rainy by midseason, with temperatures ranging from 15-28C.

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