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Patna is the capital of Bihar and is located on the southern parts of the Ganges and in the present days is a famous tourist spot visited by the pilgrims of various religions and foreign tourists as well. Patna also flaunts immense historical significance and was the center of art and culture during the ancient times. While on a tour to Patna, you will be transported to an entirely different world as you can still get a feel of the historic charm. Patna, also known Pataliputra is the capital of Bihar. Pataliputra was known as Pushpapur and Kusumpur in the earlier times, both of them means the city of flowers. Patali also means the trumpet flower. The city of Patna was founded by the Ajatshatru's son, Udayana. To Fa-hien, the Chinese traveler, who visited Pataliputra a century earlier, it looked so magnificent that he thought it must have been built by supernatural beings. Patna is also a convenient place to visit Nepal through a land route.

Patna has magnificently combined the rich heritage and culture of the past with modernity and has emerged as an important center for tourism in the entire Eastern region. Apart from that, Patna is also known for its rich past since it was the center for learning and spiritual enlightenment in ancient India. Patna occupies a significant place for the tourists on pilgrimage belonging to different castes such as Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism. There are many things about Patna that make it stand apart from the rest of the tourist destinations in the eastern region. There are magnificent tourist attractions in Patna strewn all over the town. Deepavali is celebrated here with pomp and show. Chhath festival, the main religious festival and ceremony, is celebrated for six days after Diwali.

Patna is a modern city with many infrastructure facilities for trade, industry and tourism. It is the political centre of state as well as neighboring states like Jharkhand. Patna is known for the educational facilities as well. Patna University, established in 1917 is a good example of high end educational facilities. Patna has long been a major agricultural center of trade, its most active exports being grain, sugarcane, sesame, and medium-grained Patna rice. It is also an important business center of eastern India. The economy of Patna has seen sustained economic growth. In particular, the economy has been spurred by growth in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry, the service sector, along with Green revolution businesses.

Patna experiences hot and humid climate during the summers and has a pleasant climate during the winters. The temperature often rises to 43C in summers and falls to around 5C or even below during the winters. Patna receives average to heavy rainfall during the monsoon. Cotton clothing is advised during the summers while woolens would be required during the winter season. However, the best period to visit would be from October to March.

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