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Mangalore, one of the major cities in the state of Karnataka is known for its scenic beauty. This major port city is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in India. It is located on the western coast of the Arabian Sea. Mangalore is known for exporting the majority of Indiaís coffee and cashew nuts. The name Mangalore is the anglicised version of Mangaluru, the name for the city in the local Kannada language. The Malayalam language variant of the same is Mangalapuram. It is believed that the city derived its name from the temple of Goddess Mangaladevi. Mangaluru literally means the city of Mangala. According to legend Matsyendranatha, one of the important propounders of the Nath cult had arrived at Mangalore with the princess of Kerala, Premaladevi. He named her Mangaladevi. It is believed that they could not proceed further as Mangaladevi died after a brief period of illness and a temple was consecrated in her name at Bolar. Later the Mangaladevi was renovated by the Alupa king Kundavarma.

This city of Mangalore is said to have been named after the famous Mangaladevi Temple. This temple, also a tourist spot, is situated 3 km away from main city area. This temple was built by the Ballal family of Attavar in memory of a princess of Kerala. Not much history could be found about this area though the local museum would be a right place to go for the history of this place.

Mangalore's economy is dominated by agricultural processing and port-related activities. Imports include tropical timber from south-east Asia for furniture making, a necessity since India places major restrictions on its own teak felling. The port handles 75% of India's coffee exports and the bulk of its cashew nuts. The latter are brought from many coastal areas (notably from Kerala), the National Cashew research centre is nearby at Puttur. Mangalore roof tiles are well-known throughout India. The tiles made from red clay and baked, is used as roof in many parts of the country. There is rapid decline in this industry due to use of RCC roofs. According to International edition of India Today, Mangalore is the fastest growing non metro in the south followed by Kochi.

Mangalore is one of the major cities in the state of Karnataka. Mangalore in Karnataka enjoys tropical climate. The summers and winters remain pleasant and is major touristís hub. It receives south western monsoon because of its nearness to the Arabian Sea. The tropical weather in these part of Karnataka is an added advantage to the city. Summer and winter are quiet alike in the city and both are quiet pleasant with average temperature ranging between 27 'C to 34 'C the only problem in these parts are the humidity that at an average is about 78 %. Best time to visit Mangalore is between September and May.

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