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Hyderabad, The city of Hyderabad is the capital of Andhra Pradesh, which is spread over the Deccan Plateau and is the fifth largest metropolitan city in India. If shopping is your passion, you can pick up some distinctive items such as the famous Hyderabadi pearls and other handicrafts, which are unique to the city of Hyderabad and flaunt it with pride. The landscape of Hyderabad is quite varied with imposing hills, tanks, forests, and rock formations. This cosmopolitan city boasts of a variety of rich cultures. There are many attractions in and around the city. Hyderabad tourism presents the majestic past of this glorious city along with the new evolving city, the beautiful old monuments, lakes, beaches and temples all add to the exuberant culture of the Hyderabad.

Every tourist visiting India, must make a trip to Hyderabad city in India, where can see an astonishing blend of ancestral heritage with the modern IT sector. Hyderabad, also known as City of Nizams, is a city that was named after a queen Hyder Mahal. Hyderabad literally means the 'city of Hyder'. The city of Hyderabad has its own individual character, which is evident in the beautiful, ancient palaces and the equally modern, and state-of-the-art offices and buildings. The IT sector has made such a deep impact on the ancestral Hyderabad city that the city is often called as 'Cyberabad'. The city of Hyderabad has a co-sister city, which is called as 'Secunderabad'. A man-made lake called the Hussain Sagar Lake divides both the cities.

Hyderabad engulfs in a traditional warmth. Be it the yummy lipsmacking food, the old buildings including the Charminar, the city weaves a magic spell. A truly magnificent city in every way epitomizes true old world charm, yet progressing by leaps and bounds. The city has a history of over 400 years. It is the fifth largest metropolitan city in the Indian Subcontinent. The enchanting city has been shaped beautifully by a multitude of cross cultural influences. Every corner in Hyderabad can boast of a duality that is harmonious, the confluence of the Hindu and Muslim communities. With its pleasant climate, wonderful shopping areas, magnificent and much talked about cuisine and the amalgam of diverse cultures every street, every monument; every tree must have a wonderful story to narrate. Also called the City Of Pearls, the streets of Hyderabad once saw these precious items being sold on the street like the peanuts being sold these days. The capital city of Andhra Pradesh is one of the most techno savvy cities in India, second perhaps only to Bangalore. It soon might be India's second Silicon Valley. The future, for the city of destiny, looks promising.

Hyderabad has a unique combination of a tropical wet and dry climate that borders on a hot semi-arid climate, with hot summers from late February to early June, the monsoon season from late June to early October and a pleasant winter from late October to early February. In the evenings and mornings, the climate is generally cooler because of the city's good elevation. Hyderabad gets about 32 inches (about 810 mm) of rain every year, almost all of it concentrated in the monsoon months.

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