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Doha is the capital of Qatar. It is a modern and rapidly developing city and, considering the money being poured into construction, Doha looks set to become one of the premier cities in the Gulf within a few years. Doha is the heart of Qatar, with most of the population living in the city. The beautiful city is filled with plenty of things to do, whether its shopping, clubbing, relaxing, dining, or whatever other activities come to mind. With its beautiful corniche which stretches out for several kilometers, you can take lovely walks by the sea and enjoy the sights of Doha's developing skyline and other sights the city has to offer. The city has a very laid back atmosphere, and any visitor is sure to love it.

Doha is situated on the bank of the Arabian Gulf. Earlier Doha was known as one of the busy pearl fishing villages in the South East Arabia of Persian Gulf. It was till recently when the oil production began in 1949, it got a facelift to present itself as one of the most important trade centres of the region. This picturesque, tiny deep water port is one of the most important cities of Middle East today. Doha with its accommodating nature is an intriguing mixture of old and new tradition of Arab. Doha has a very laid-back atmosphere and is a good base from which to explore the rest of the country. This destination is also renown for being safe and clean.

As a cultural and commercial centre, the city offers plenty of things to see and do including shopping, clubbing and dining, or simply relaxing on its gorgeous coast or bay area. The Government House is one of the most prominent landmarks and the National Museum, housed in a splendid Arabian palace, was opened in 1975. Doha's modern seaport, airport and telephone links make it very accessible to visitors, supported by a strong economical base derived from petroleum exports and shrimp processing, as well as finance and administration businesses. Hotels are being refurbished across the city, making this a fantastic destination for travellers.

Situated on the Arabian Peninsula, Doha has a very hot and arid climate. Summer temperatures often exceed 100 degrees, and rain is an almost nonexistent occurrence. In the Winter months, temperatures are more moderate, getting into the 60's and 70's F during the day, and quite a bit colder at night. While you may find some relief in the ocean breezes coming off the Arabian Gulf, it is still advisable to plan your trip in accordance with your tolerance for heat.

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