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Chicago is on the picturesque shore of Lake Michigan in Illinois . The third largest city in the United States . Known as “The Windy City” due to breezes off the lake and sometimes as “The City That Works” a promotional campaign that recognises the long hours worked by residents. Chicago is as diverse in its citizens as it is in its attractions. Known for being the friendly big city, you get the big-city feel without the big-city attitude. The majority of Chicago's attractions are located in the lively and large downtown area. More so than in other metropolises, Chicago is split into very distinct communities, with a number of major tourist areas. Many communities are split into smaller distinct neighborhoods. Unlike other big cities, these community areas are often self-sufficient, and each one has its own feel and ethnic past.

Chicago is a city of neighborhoods beyond the Loop and Michigan Avenue . Armitage has up market boutiques, Lincoln Park expensive houses and Lakeview with its alternative scene. Wicker Park and Bucktown is the place for restaurants, bars and boutiques. Most attractions lie in the downtown or North Side area with some are on the South Side. Visiting Chicago for many is a new and different experience. Chicago has a flavour and a pace that is all its own. There are many great things to do and see in Chicago.

Chicago was destroyed by fire in 1871 which meant that the city was rebuilt to a new ordered design. This led to some fine architecture with downtown towers and “The Magnificent Mile” of Michigan Avenue . Main attractions are the Sears Tower ; Hancock Building ; Navy Pier and the shopping along “Magnificent Mile”. Chicago has jazz, blues clubs, restaurants and entertainment. Walk along the waterfront or in Millennium Park .

Chicago has an extreme climate with very hot summers and bitterly cold winters, its lakeside setting only slightly moderating the temperatures and adding some humidity to the atmosphere. Chicago has distinct seasons, with a short spring, when temperatures are moderate and nights frosty. Summers are hot, sunny and humid, from June to the end of September, and are prone to thunderstorms. August is usually the wettest month of the year. Autumn is a lovely time of year when the air is crisp and cool, with blue skies and sunshine. Winters in Chicago are icy and prone to cold, harsh winds. Snow is common.

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