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Brisbane is the capital city in the state of Queensland, as well as the third largest city in Australia with a population of just over 1.2 million. It is set close to the Pacific Ocean, and is situated beside the Brisbane River in the south-east corner of the state, on plains between Moreton Bay and the Great Dividing Range in south-eastern Queensland. Brisbane is situated on the south-east of Queensland, Australia, and is one of most popular holiday destinations in the entire country, being Australia's third-biggest city. This stylish and vibrant city has evolved around the large River Brisbane, which meanders through the centre, often attracting large black whaler and bull sharks. Brisbane is considered to be one of the most vibrant and fastest growing centers in Australia today.

Brisbane is also famous for its large number of superb and historic vineyards, wineries and breweries, which are particularly concentrated in the Stanthorpe district, Ballandean region and the scenic Canungra Valley. Wine tasting at vineyards and breweries in and around Brisbane is usually widely available. Many of these wineries often offer courses about general wine appreciation and tasting.

Brisbane is a city for the senses; walking under impossibly blue skies around this foot-friendly city opens up a world of experiences. A well planned series of paths and bridges connect the city centre to South Bank, as well as many of our urban villages that tease the river’s edge as it bends the city, its parks and gentle skyscrapers.
Brisbane is an attractive enough place, with the typical features of any Australian city of a comparable age and size – a historic precinct, museums and botanic gardens – though there are neither outstanding sights nor funky beach settlements. It's a fairly easy place to find casual, short-term employment however, and there's a healthy, unpredictable social scene, tempting many travellers to spend longer here than they had planned. As for exploring further afield, you'll find empty beaches and surf on North Stradbroke Island and dolphins around Moreton Island – both easy to reach from the city.

Brisbane has a year-round living climate. When the wet season hits the northern Australian tropics, Brisbane enjoys hot and clear summer days (with afternoon thunderstorms). When winter hits the southern capitals of Sydney and Melbourne sending temperatures into the low teens (°C) the Brisbane climate stays mostly dry and sunny, with daytime temperatures usually remaining above 20°C.

Humidity is high during the summer months and temperatures can get as high as 40°C with night temps rarely dropping below 20C. Just about any outdoor activity you do at the height of a regular summer day in Brisbane will leave you bathed in sweat. In summer, a t-shirt with shorts and thongs (sandals) is appropriate attire for most casual activities, and air-conditioning will ensure you of a comfortable night’s sleep. Summer storms with hail and heavy rainfall are common in afternoons on hot humid days. They usually pass quickly and often put on a good lightning show.
Places to Visit in Brisbane
Moreton Bay
City Botanic Gardens
Story Bridge
The Valley
Queensland Cultural Centre
Parliament House