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Bogota, the third highest major city in terms of altitude, is the capital city of Colombia. It is also the largest city in Colombia. The city has a rich past, being the center of the Spanish colonization. It is also one of the most modern and cosmopolitan cities of the world. Bogota is Colombia’s economic and cultural capital too. The mighty Andes stands guard to this high plateau city and the Bogota River flows near by. Bogota is susceptible to varying climatic condition due to the El Nino and La Nina climatic conditions. It is located on the Gran Sabana in Bogota to 2600 meters above sea level, is the highest plateau of the Colombian Andes. The time difference with respect to Greenwich is five hours.

Given the topography of the land formation, the Capital District has floor heat and cold moor. The floors are washed by the waters of rivers Salitre, Bogotá, San Cristobal and Fucha or Tunjuelito, and some minor currents. The city itself is limited by the wetlands east of Green Cross, the Guadalupe and Monserrate hill, top of the hunters and the Blade, The Chiscal and west by the river Bogota. Bogota has one of the most extensive networks of bike paths in any city in the world. The bike path or cicloruttas, has increased the use of bikes manifold.

Bogota has a couple of interesting neighborhoods, one of which is the historical neighborhood of La Candelaria. This place is filled with a number of old museums and churches and quaint streets meant for walking only. La Macarena on the other hand, gives you a taste of Bohemian lifestyle with its array of art galleries and stylish cafes. Bogota has a number of well maintained parks and green zones. There are also quite a few protected areas which preserve the local flora and fauna.

Bogota has an average temperature of 15 º C, which can vary between 9 and 22 º C. Dry and rainy seasons are altered throughout the year. December, January, February and early March are the driest months. April, May, September, October and November are the wettest. June and July are of little rain, August is marked by strong winds and sunny days, used to raise season comets.

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